Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Space to Thrive Podcast

Space to Thrive Episode 04: Let’s Light It Up!

Space to Thrive is a podcast brought to you by Ghafari that explores the far-reaching impact of design and how it shapes our experiences. Join our hosts Andrew Cottrell, Joe Gonzalez, and Michael Lubbers as they chat with fellow designers and architects, as well as engineers, market leaders, and owners about the transformative power of design and how it influences the ways we live, work, and play.

In Episode 04, "Let’s Light It Up!", Joe, Andrew, and Michael are joined by senior lighting designer Miory Kightlinger, who sheds some light (pun intended!) on how lighting can set the scene and enhance architecture. Plus learn how lighting changes the ambiance (and people’s perceptions) of a space. Mood lighting for two, please!

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Featured Projects

Learn more about the two projects discussed in this episode: the American Airlines Admirals Club + Flagship Lounge and the Northpointe Operations Center.

Connect with our Hosts + Guest

Joe Gonzalez, FAIA | Global Director of Design | Chicago, Illinois |

Andrew Cottrell, AIA, LEED AP | Director of Design | Dearborn, Michigan |

Michael Lubbers, AIA | Director of Design | Grand Rapids, Michigan |

Miory Kightlinger, LC, LEED AP, IALD | Senior Lighting Designer | Chicago, Illinois |