Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Read DesignFlex2030 Report on Next-Gen Food Processing Facilities

The Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) and the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) published its first DesignFlex2030 report titled “Recipe for Change: The Flexible Food Processing Plant of the Future”. DesignFlex2030 is a research initiative aimed at reimagining the industrial facility in the year 2030 with the goal of maximizing adaptability and repurposing / reuse potential. The project pulls together visionary architects and engineers from the nation’s leading firms, including Ghafari, to develop prototypes of future industrial facilities that can be repurposed as business needs evolve.

Ghafari’s architects and engineers played an integral role on the Food Processing Design Team, which developed a conceptual rendering of a next-generation food processing facility that highlights six areas of innovation: structure, process, utilities and environment, design, location and data / analytics. This rendering is unveiled in “Recipe for Change: The Flexible Food Processing Plant of the Future”. The paper also provides creative and practical suggestions on how to extend the lifecycle of future food processing facilities so that they can be repurposed quickly and cost-effectively.

Download the full study below.