Monday, August 3, 2020

MiBiz: West Michigan Architecture Firm Seizes Cutting Edge AI Technology

Ghafari Architectural Manager Andy Eckert recently spoke to MiBiz about the potential applications of artificial intelligence in the architecture / engineering industry. As Andy describes it, while AI technology cannot fully replace architects and engineers, it can automate repetitive tasks, enabling teams to swiftly explore different site plan options and ultimately speed up the design process.

“If I’m laying out an apartment building on a specific site and I want to try to come up with four or five schemes that maximize the site looking at different options for stories and scales, then this [technology] could do that,” he said.

He also discusses Ghafari’s use of high-definition laser scanning and drone technology for efficient site surveying. He recalls a recent project in which our team was tasked with forming a master plan for a client on a site with 25 buildings. We completed an aerial scan of the area with a drone and created a full, three-dimensional site plan in a day and a half.

“Once the building scan is done, we never have to go back to the area again,” he said. “So if we were working on a building in California, we could cut down on how many times we would have to go out and visit the site.”

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