Friday, June 26, 2020

MiBiz: New GR Coffee Shop Will Connect Veterans, Artists

HAS HEART, a nonprofit that connects veterans with artists to tell their stories, is building a coffee shop in Veterans Memorial Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ghafari is the architect for the project, which will add square footage to the existing stone building at the park, and transform it into a new cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. Plans for the project, which will commence construction in the fall, were announced in a MiBiz article.

The Coffee Shop by HAS HEART will be a cafe and retail shop that employs veterans and their spouses. The venue will also display artwork by veterans and designers, and serve as a space for creative workshops that HAS HEART facilitates between veterans and creatives.

When completed, this project will support the community goal of a more walkable downtown area, with greater activity in and around Veterans Memorial Park. It will also support a greater connection between the public and the veteran population.

Read the full MiBiz article about the project here.