Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Medical Construction + Design: “Evidence-Based Approach – Effective Facility Pre-Planning for the Critical Access Hospital”

An article by Ghafari Senior Healthcare Planner Tom Gunn appeared in the September / October 2016 issue of Medical Construction + Design Magazine. Titled “Evidence-Based Approach: Effective Facility Pre-Planning for the Critical Access Hospital”, the article discusses how strategic and facility planning are both crucial for the survival of critical access hospitals (CAH) that must adapt to serve changing healthcare needs. 

Tom details how CAH leaders can work with healthcare planners to analyze clinical volumes data to identify potential trends, approximate future patient demands, and assess viable opportunities for improvement in service offerings and facilities.

“The metrics, analysis and synthesis of data are the cornerstones of programming, concluding with space assessments, ‘gap’ studies comparing existing and forecast volumes and space, enable Evidence-Based judgments about the best use of resources,” he writes. “This is the foundation of design that will support the CAH in fulfilling and sustaining its vital role in rural health.”

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