Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Industrial Maintenance + Plant Operation: “How a GM Plant Turned Raindrops into Dollars”

An article written by Gary Winslow, Manager of Ghafari’s Paint Group, appeared in Industrial Maintenance + Plant Operation. Titled “How a GM Plant Turned Raindrops into Dollars”, the article discusses how General Motors, working with Ghafari engineers, implemented a solution at one of their Detroit-area plants that strategically redistributes rainwater, saving the automaker approximately $2,200 per day in municipal water fees.

The solution called for three retention ponds on the plant site to contain the excess rainfall. It is from these ponds that water is pumped to a power house for treatment and filtration and then used on the site for functions such as cooling towers, boilers, and paint finishing. Safety, ease of use, sustainability, and the existing infrastructure were all major factors in the design. 

The cost savings of this system have already exceeded expectations, while the return on investment was faster than anticipated.

“Now that the pump recovery system at the General Motors plant has been introduced as a successful precedent, many other sites are likely to follow suit, reaping their own rewards on both the environmental and financial fronts,” Gary writes.

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