Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Healthcare Facilities Today: “Master Planning – Key Insights into Early Stages to Optimize Success”

An article co-authored by Ghafari Senior Healthcare Planner Tom Gunn and Scott Heywood, Director of our Birmingham Office, appeared on the Healthcare Facilities Today blog. Titled “Master Planning: Key Insights into Early Stages to Optimize Success”, the article details the benefits of working with an engaged client who understands the underlying methodologies of the master planning process, based on our team’s recent experience collaborating with leaders at a large academic medical center on a comprehensive master planning effort.

Tom and Scott emphasize the importance of making sure that project stakeholders not just see the forecasting data but also understand how conclusions are drawn and, more specifically, how forecast volumes translate into programmatic requirements for space, equipment, and other resources.

“Successful utilization requires more than just data,” they write. “When the predicted volumes occur, the healthcare leaders need the infrastructure in place to handle them, so it is important that stakeholders understand the forecasting of volumes and space and buy into the resolution of how to accommodate change.”

They also discuss the value of getting internal buy-in early, considering the variety of stakeholders impacted, and seeking input from every level, from hospital administrators to physicians and nurses to maintenance staff.

“The key in planning is to lead decision makers from where they are to where they will be in the future, and have the necessary ability to respond to that future,” they conclude. “Often, stakeholders don’t believe they will reach the forecasts predicted by the data and might hesitate to plan accordingly. Savvy project teams anticipate areas of doubt and provide flexibility for changes, if needed.” 

Read the full article here.