Tuesday, April 30, 2019
White Paper

Automation Alley Tech Report: Industry 4.0 – From Vision to Implementation

Matt Adsit, Project Manager
Matt Adsit, Project Manager

Matt Adsit, a project manager in Ghafari’s Productivity Solutions Group, was among the subject matter experts sourced in Automation Alley’s 2019 Technology in Industry Report, “Industry 4.0: From Vision to Implementation”. The report aims to respond to the growing need for knowledge and direction related to Industry 4.0, serving as a data-driven guide to smart technology implementation. It features use cases, emerging trends, challenges, opportunities, and action items designed to help businesses, educators, and policy makers keep pace with the velocity and magnitude of change related to Industry 4.0.

Matt contributed to the chapter focused on modeling, simulation, visualization, and immersion, a set of technologies that is being used to detect physical issues sooner, predict outcomes more accurately, train workers, and build better products. He discusses how manufacturers use modeling to design and redesign their factory floor layouts, which can then be tested to identify how they compare in performance in the areas of productivity, cost, and other measures of effectiveness.

The complete 2019 Technology in Industry Report is available for purchase here.