Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Archello: Woodward Headquarters + Manufacturing Campus

The Ghafari-designed headquarters and manufacturing campus for Woodward in Fort Collins, Colorado was recently profiled on Archello. Woodward is the world's oldest and largest independent designer, manufacturer, and service provider of energy control systems for the aerospace and industrial sectors. They wanted to transform a 100-acre site into a campus encompassing a new corporate headquarters and additional manufacturing and support facilities to facilitate their operational growth, attract top talent, and create jobs in the Fort Collins community.

They engaged us to take the first step - developing a cohesive master plan based on a deep understanding of their goals. They then selected our team to provide process design, architecture, and engineering services for Phase 1, which included a corporate headquarters and multi-functional turbo-machinery systems building. The dynamic design of these first two structures needed to set the architectural tone of the campus while embracing the client's brand identity.

The industrial turbo-machinery systems building is organized around a multi-level "Main Street" corridor that serves as the spine of the campus. It includes both manufacturing spaces and offices, connected by two structurally suspended staircases.

The headquarters building visually anchors the campus on the east and conveniently links back to its engineering and manufacturing components. We adopted an open-concept layout characterized by the generous use of glass and modular spaces that foster collaboration.

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