Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Archello: Altar’d State Boutique

One of the Ghafari-designed Altar’d State boutiques was recently profiled on Archello. Faced with the challenge of an ever-changing retail environment, the owner recognized the necessity to create unique shopping experiences at each of their locations. They engaged Ghafari to help bring their vision to life.

The client hired Ghafari to lay out their stores in ways that provide flow and discovery throughout the space. Altar'd State constantly pushes to evolve the customer's journey through the store, starting with impactful storefronts that pique customer interest as they walk through a shopping center and spark curiosity to enter. In addition, each storefront is tailored to its specific location. For all locations, our team is generating three-dimensional models and sketches to take each store from concept to completion.

The highly tactile sales floors and fitting rooms are designed to feel like a high-end feminine home versus more common commercial sleekness found elsewhere. Dressing rooms are spacious to create a serene, comfortable environment and are meant to evoke a luxurious woman's closet. Custom stained glass, chandeliers, copper, greenery, and specialty plaster are all pieces that draw the customer to touch the store just as much as they touch the clothes. The layout of each store is custom tailored to the location, and in many cases, include custom storefronts that reflect the vernacular architecture and culture of the city. Each storefront also offers a deep entry patio.

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