Qatar Airways Catering Facility

Doha, Qatar


  • Muhibbah Engineering

    Project Size

  • 64,500 SM


Qatar Airways faces an extraordinary daily demand to provide quality, appealing meals and in-flight services to their own customers and employees as well as serving 50 other domestic and international airlines. This facility is an essential piece of a broad development plan for a new airport in Doha destined to be one of the region’s leading airports.

As part of a multinational design-build team, we worked shoulder to shoulder with Qatar Airways and the contractor to design a massive facility that supports their complex logistical and operational criteria. The goal was to provide close to 100,000 meals and process 40 tons of laundry a day.


We designed the facility’s 20 unique kitchens in a series of clearly defined compartments in order to segregate different hygiene zones that focus on sanitation, food safety, and proper food handling procedures. These compartments include a hot and cold kitchen with specialized sub-kitchens for preparing Asian cuisine and a bakery.

To meet HACCP’s strict compliance standards, the space was designed for a cook-chill and cook-freeze manufacturing process. In addition, a facility-wide vacuum system removes food waste directly from the areas in which it is generated, eliminating the need to dispose of this waste manually.

The entire facility is based on a “just-in-time” process that reduces manual labor, improves operational efficiencies, and minimizes the time between the preparation of the food and delivery to awaiting aircraft.


Ghafari’s multi-disciplinary team delivered a facility that meets Qatar Airways’ own food service demands in addition to those of 50 other airlines. As a model of operational efficiency and reliability, it fulfills a critical role in Doha’s new airport complex.