Qatar Aviation Services Cargo Complex

Doha, Qatar


The Qatar Aviation Services Cargo Complex was conceived to be significant in scale, cementing the status of the new international airport in Doha as a leading hub for aircraft cargo handling and distribution. As the design arm of a multinational design-build team, we worked closely with the client and contractor to develop a highly efficient group of facilities that streamline complex processes and foster employee productivity, allowing the airport to keep pace with growing demand.


The complex is comprised of a 100,000 SM terminal and multiple ancillary facilities. With a cargo capacity of 1.3 million tons per year and an apron that provides 13 hardstand positions for wide-body aircraft, the terminal accommodates a massive warehouse space, a sophisticated automated storage and retrieval system, technical shops, and offices for Qatar Airways, customs and other airlines. A prominent employee entrance uses a 15-meter-high glass wall with operable sunscreens to minimize the heat gain into the west-facing lobby. In line with client wishes, we designed the lobby to incorporate abundant natural daylighting and higher-quality finishes that complement the more utilitarian terminal structure.

Ancillary facilities include a central utility plant, a cargo agents building, and a live animal center that provides holding, veterinary and processing areas for animals shipped via aircraft. The complex is also home to a landside security station with a processing area and trucker lounge, a pedestrian entry security station, a security exit station and two remote transfer areas, which provide holding areas for unit load devices that do not require processing at the cargo terminal.


In addition to our design scope, we also provided on-site supervision during the construction phase. Ultimately, our team delivered a high-performing complex that, despite its sprawling size and intricate processes, operates efficiently at an enormous scale, helping to position the airport as a world leader in air cargo processing and distribution.