Polaris Spirit Lake Manufacturing Plant Paint Shop

Spirit Lake, Iowa


A premier manufacturer of quality recreational vehicles, Polaris is recognized for their use of vintage paint color combinations and unique finishes. They decided to develop a new paint shop at their Spirit Lake manufacturing plant that would incorporate the advanced systems capable of consistent, high-quality paint application.

We worked closely with Polaris to understand their goals for this facility: a highly functional, lean operating environment supported by automated processes. We undertook the design of both the paint systems and the facility fully committed to our client’s business requirements and manufacturing principles.


Polaris’ in-house designers took the initial step to develop preliminary process layouts for the new paint shop. They then invited our team to complete the detailed process and facility designs. Our design of the two-story, 160,000 SF facility was developed around the complex paint processes it houses. The automated facility features 14 robots that run seven days a week and is capable of painting more than 500 metal and plastic parts.

To dramatically minimize the plant’s environmental impact, we designed a state-of the-art wastewater treatment system, and included various features that lower emissions and conserve water.

We also created documents to assist Polaris in soliciting competitive bids for the building, paint process equipment, paint robots, and conveyor system. We provided on-site program management services and trained Polaris’ production staff to prepare them for running the new paint shop.


Our early involvement in the process design phase laid the groundwork for an effective collaborative approach to the project that continued throughout the facility design, training, and program management. Providing a full range of services enabled us to work efficiently, effectively integrate the process and facility designs, and stay closely aligned with the client’s best interests at each phase.