Oman Air MRO Center

Muscat, Oman


The new Muscat International Airport will serve as the primary gateway to the thriving Sultanate of Oman. A critical supporting element of this development is a 65,000 SM aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul center for Oman Air, the Sultanate’s national airline, which will service a wide range of commercial aircraft.

Our team was initially tasked with the upfront design of this complex facility, from programming and planning through development of the tender documents for design-build contractor procurement. We worked closely with Oman Air and the Oman Ministry of Transportation to conceive a highly functional MRO center that facilitates efficient operations and supports employee comfort.


The aircraft maintenance center will consist of a 62,700 SM MRO facility, as well as 3,600 SM of support buildings. The MRO facility will house two wide-body (Airbus A380) compatible hangar bays, as well as a fully enclosed wide-body aircraft wash bay to support exterior cleaning. Our design also provides for comprehensive technical service shops and a parts warehouse, along with engineering and administrative offices. Collaborating with end user groups, we developed a layout that streamlines processes by minimizing the travel distances of people, parts, tools, and materials.  

The facility will also feature an EASA-certified training school for A+P engineers and technicians, along with parking facilities accommodating approximately 500 vehicles.


Following the completion of design development, we are monitoring the design-build contractor’s performance on behalf of Oman Air and the Oman Ministry of Transportation and providing full-time onsite representation during the construction phase. When completed, the MRO center will enable productivity in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul while bolstering the capabilities of the new airport in a flourishing tourist destination.