Meat Processing Plant Renovation

Confidential Location, USA


To seize the opportunity to serve a new customer base and expand their business, a confidential meat processing company decided to increase the throughput of one of their plants by upgrading their equipment. Beyond the challenges associated with modifying their existing facility to accommodate new equipment, the client wanted to minimize the impact of the project on current production. 


We initiated the project by conducting high-definition laser scanning while the facility remained in operation to capture the existing building conditions and evaluate the infrastructure to determine its capacity for new equipment. We then provided planning, preliminary architecture, and engineering services for the renovation, considering the facility space, structural capacity, and current mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.  

We created a project staging plan for a phased equipment changeover in order to maintain current plant operations and production volume. To reduce the current operational impact to a greater degree, we developed an alternate design for a new adjacent facility that would house slicing and packaging equipment. This option included equipment and operations upgrades. While exploring this option and gathering equipment measurements, our team considered all aspects of the site and provided the client with efficient guidelines for the entire plant.

Ultimately, the design strategically placed new equipment and infrastructure, providing new and resourceful components to replace less productive utilities.


Our thoughtful application of technology enabled us to fully assess building conditions without interrupting plant operations. Through detailed analysis, we set the stage for the facility’s increased production and overall operational enhancement.