LG Chem Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Facility

Holland, Michigan


  • LG Chem

    Project Size

  • 650,000 SF


To help advance the green economy and create jobs in the state of Michigan, LG Chem and its subsidiary, Compact Power International, decided to construct a new manufacturing facility that would produce lithium-ion polymer batteries for use in electric vehicles. We worked closely with LG and our partners to develop a highly efficient and secure production facility that houses complex manufacturing and testing processes, is sensitive to specialized environmental considerations, and has the flexibility to accommodate growing demand.


Our design had to consider a variety of operations, including ion powder mixing, battery formation and aging areas, electrolyte mixing and baking ovens, inspection, testing, warehousing, and shipping areas. The production facility hosts four-story high hazard chemical mixing towers employing the latest technology in fire protection and explosion venting, along with acetone storage, distribution and recovery systems, and hazardous waste storage. The production layouts were developed in modules, enabling future plant expansions to occur in an orderly fashion.

The facility accommodates 300,000 SF of Class 10,000 clean room manufacturing, lab and assembly areas requiring unique HVAC systems, including strict temperature and humidity controls. We designed the mechanical systems to maintain the correct pressurization between spaces to control product contamination.

In line with LG’s mandate to create an environmentally conscious facility, our design incorporates energy-efficient lighting systems, daylighting techniques and application of sustainable materials. We also led the 3D BIM integration effort to help minimize waste during the design and construction processes. The design-build team, co-located in our office, developed a fully coordinated, clash-free model that reflected LG’s need for a multi-phased construction process.


Our team delivered a high-performing manufacturing facility that is capable of serving the growing demand of electric vehicle producers, supporting the shift to a greener economy while driving job creation locally.