Ford Motor Sanand Vehicle + Engine Assembly Plant

Sanand, Gujarat, India


  • Kajima

    Project Size

  • 400,000 SM


Ford engaged Ghafari to be part of the team to design a world-class integrated manufacturing facility in India, a critical element of their plan to establish the country as an export hub and triple their manufacturing capacity there. Ford defined several critical goals for the plant, including the use of highly efficient water and energy systems with zero solid waste discharge. They also wanted to achieve a high level of automation in the body construction and final assembly areas, generate significantly low levels of hazardous emissions, and create clean environments for employees.


We provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection services for the 17-building complex, which totals 400,000 square meters and includes an engine plant, stamping facility, body shop, paint shop, trim-chassis-final shop, administration building, canteen, central utilities plant, hazardous waste building, water treatment plant, and tank farm. This complex is able to produce 240,000 vehicles and 270,000 engines annually.

We designed the infrastructure to meet specialized production requirements. The state-of-the-art press shop includes positive ventilation to maintain a clean environment for employees. The engine plant is designed to produce a dust-free environment with precise temperature and humidity controls. The facility’s central utility plant provides 25,000 tons of air conditioning and 66 KV of power. The chiller system was designed for 16,000 tons of chilled water capacity via eight 2,000-ton capacity chillers.


The Sanand manufacturing facility is not only one of the most highly automated plants worldwide, it is also a model of energy efficiency waste reduction.

Through this facility, Ford has had a major economic impact by creating approximately 3,000 jobs. From a global perspective, the facility establishes India as a center of manufacturing excellence and increases its export destinations to 37 countries.