FedEx Express Asia Pacific Hub

Guangzhou, China


  • FedEx Express

    Project Size

  • 82,000 SM


FedEx determined that a new state-of-the-art international hub was essential to serving their customers who do business in the Chinese and broader Asia Pacific markets. We understood the importance of this project to FedEx’s competitive position as a leader in global logistics. The hub employs more than 800 people and operates 136 flights a week, providing delivery services among 20 major cities in Asia and linking these cities to more than 220 countries and territories in the world. To handle the volume of packages, destinations, and flights, all systems and facilities at the hub needed to be models of reliability and efficiency.


We provided programming, planning, and design services for the hub’s advanced sorting center, a parking and access apron for 23 wide-body aircraft, ground support equipment maintenance buildings, landside truck apron and marshaling areas, administrative offices, security facilities, and package and freight processing.

In the processing center, we incorporated advanced systems and controls for international shipments, freight tracking and protective segregation of cargo for customs and security screening. We were also responsible for defining the facility requirements needed to support the future expansion of the hub.


The hub’s sort system is capable of handling 24,000 pieces per hour with 12 x-ray machines for airport security and customs – a prime example of the production speed, volume, and sophistication this project produced for FedEx.

Once we completed the majority of the design phase, we handed off the project to the local Chinese Design Institute, as is customary. To assure a smooth transition, we presented the overall design intent and specific insights into the design for each discipline. We continued to serve as technical advisers through the development of the construction documents.