Cargill Central America Poultry Processing Plant

Masaya, Nicaragua


Cargill sought to increase the storage capacity and throughput at one of their poultry processing plants by upgrading their equipment. However, it was critical that they complete these upgrades without interfering with current operations. Our team had to find a solution that would keep all systems running while we ramped up the production potential of the plant.


Our initial step was to conduct preliminary laser scanning to capture the existing conditions of the building. We evaluated the facility’s space, structural capacity, and current mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to determine their capacity for new equipment. We then created detailed building renovation plans based on phasing the equipment changeover while maintaining current plant operations and production volume. To further reduce the current operational impact, our team developed detailed site and building plans for a new cold storage and distribution center.

In collaboration with the local utility provider, we designed a new electrical line to serve the expanded site, and relocated the existing utility lines to avoid interference with new construction. We also furnished Cargill with project cost estimates and a schedule for implementation at each stage of the design process.


We applied our architecture and engineering services to help Cargill determine how to increase storage capacity and throughput in their processing plant while maintaining current production levels. Because our design solution was based on a thorough investigation that included cost and time estimates, our client was able to make informed decisions on their next steps in this important project.