August 30, 2016
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT
Free Webinar

Effective Management of the Last Planner System Using vPlanner

In advance of the 18th annual LCI Congress in Chicago, join the Lean Construction Institute and the vPlanner team for a short webinar introducing vPlanner. This webinar will present vPlanner, an innovative visual planning software solution designed to support short-term interval planning as well as production system design and management. Built by seasoned planners, vPlanner supports all phases of the Last Planner® system through an integrated and easy-to-use visual interface.


Samir Emdanat is Director of vPlanner Product Development and an industry-recognized leader known for his approach to overall project integration. His completed projects have received numerous industry awards for their application of lean thinking and innovative use of VDC technologies. In 2015, he participated in LCI's Knowledge Transfer Learning Laboratory to help produce what LCI considers “the industry's current best knowledge of lean methods today”.

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