vPlanner is a user-friendly pull planning software solution that helps teams plan ahead, collaborate, and get things done.

A Dynamic Project Planning Tool

After years of leading highly integrated projects, we created vPlanner to facilitate collaborative design and construction management. Built to complement the Last Planner® System, vPlanner streamlines workflows and provides teams with an integrated set of tools to manage pull planning activities, phase schedules, and more. 

Today, teams use the software to quickly build and visualize complex networks of commitments, get immediate feedback on the status of project milestones, and make quick decisions during re-planning sessions.

vPlanner is an innovative and unique solution to the problem of how best to plan a construction project, minimizing the construction time, avoiding delays, and maximizing the time and resources of all the individual players and project teams that are involved.

Lachmi Khemlani
Founder and Editor, AECbytes

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Capability Specialists

Samir Emdanat
Director, Management Services
Matthew Jogan
Project Director