Hiring Process FAQs

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How does the hiring process work at Ghafari?

Resumes are collected through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) via the Ghafari website or the link provided on various other job posting websites that redirect to the Ghafari ATS. Once reviewed, a member of our HR team will contact the individual about whether or not they meet the requirements of the position. If he or she is not selected, the candidate will receive an email from the ATS system. If selected, an HR representative will conduct a preliminary phone interview with the candidate. HR will then share the information gathered in the phone interview with the hiring manager and determine if they are interested in a face-to-face interview. Face-to-face interviews can be conducted in person or via Skype, depending on where the candidate is located.

After the face-to-face interview is conducted, if the candidate has been selected to move forward in the hiring process, HR will contact him or her to obtain information for a background check. Once the background check is completed, HR will then indicate to the candidate whether or not he or she has been selected for a final offer package and deliver that package to the candidate.

Does HR always read my resume?

Yes! Our HR team reads all resumes that are submitted and responds to your submission as quickly as possible.

Why haven’t I received a notification from HR about the status of my resume submission?

Ghafari's HR team works hard to provide a high level of customer service to our management team as well as current and future employees. Though we would like to have an immediate response to all inquiries and resumes submitted, occasionally we can become delayed by other projects that are ongoing on a daily basis. We assure you that we are doing everything we can to respond to you in a timely fashion and ask that you be patient about the length of time that it may take for us to respond.

I applied for a position that I was told was filled, but now the position has been posted again. Can I apply again?

Yes! You can definitely apply again. If your background matches the requirements of the position and you are selected as a potential candidate, HR will contact you as soon as we are able to.

Why are the same positions posted over and over again?

Our industry continues to thrive in an environment that doesn't always have as many candidates available at a specific time as we would like. Therefore, Ghafari believes in building a pipeline of candidates to the best of our ability. We will continue to recruit for positions as they become available and for ones that are on the horizon. For this reason, many of our positions are constantly posted to attract candidates at different times of the year. It increases our ability to speak with candidates throughout the year, rather than missing ones because we are only posting on an as-needed basis.

What is the difference between a “designer” and an “engineer” at Ghafari?

At Ghafari, a designer is someone that has a background in their respective engineering discipline (mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, etc.) but does not yet possess a professional engineering license. An engineer is someone categorized within Ghafari as having a background in their respective engineering discipline (mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, etc.) that possesses a professional engineering license. The professional engineering license can be international. Engineers in the Process Group are structured differently – engineer titles in the Conveyor, Paint/Tooling, Controls, Industrial, and Packaging groups do not require PE licenses.

What are the different career tracks at Ghafari?

Ghafari has different levels for each position - such as Architect 1, Designer 4, and Engineer 3. Various years of professional experience and responsibilities determine the level at which a candidate will be hired into their respective discipline.

Architecture holds multiple levels - from Arch 1 to Senior Project Architect. An individual can continue to climb from Arch 1 (entry-level) to Arch 4 (senior designer) as they acquire more knowledge and experience within Ghafari. Once they are licensed, an individual could be considered a Project Architect or Senior Project Architect, as they continue to acquire more responsibilities and experience (note: an Arch 2, 3, or 4 may be licensed as well, but based on their years of experience, they will not jump from an Arch 2 to a Project Architect just because they are licensed).

Engineering also holds various levels. The Designer track includes anything from a D1 (very inexperienced, entry-level, not licensed) to a D4 (senior level experience, not licensed). The Engineer track includes anything from E3 (recently licensed, entry-level engineer) to E5 (senior level engineer, typically licensed for at least 10 years). Within the Process Group, an individual could begin in a Designer title and potentially move into Engineer, Project Engineer, Senior Project Engineer and then Project Management.

An Engineer or an Architect could move into a Project Management track if they are so inclined. If the desire to join the Project Management team is there, the employee should speak with the department manager to discuss this. To become a Project Manager, an employee must be a licensed engineer or architect.

Can I apply more than once for a position and/or apply to multiple positions?

Yes, however, the ATS system will only accept an entry one time for each position. Additionally, as your information is reviewed for each position, you may potentially receive an email about not being selected for every one you applied for. HR suggests that you be mindful in the positions that you apply for and review the job posting before submitting your resume.