November 13, 2020
1:30 PM – 1:55 AM EST
COAA’s 2020 Virtual Fall Owners Leadership Conference

Hanging with American Airlines: Designing + Building a Hangar at America’s 2nd Busiest Airport

To support the modernization program at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, American Airlines – the world’s largest airline – pursued the development of a new double wide-body aircraft maintenance hangar. The structure improves and consolidates both line and base maintenance operations at one of the airline’s busiest hubs, allowing them to continue servicing one of the biggest and fastest-growing aircraft fleets in the world.

This session will dive into what it takes to design and build one of the largest airplane hangars at O’Hare International Airport. We will discuss what an owner like American Airlines seeks in a successful architect and contractor, best practices and lessons learned from this project, and how to deliver design and construction successfully for American Airlines.


  • John Nimry – Senior Aviation Architect, Ghafari
  • Herb Dawson – Senior Project Executive, W.E. O’Neil
  • Tom Coyne – Program Executive, R.M. Chin
  • Tom Poulos – Senior Principal, Thornton Tomasetti