October 22, 2020
2:00 PM – 2:35 PM EDT
22nd LCI Congress: A Virtual Event

From Monumental to Modular: How a Modular Restroom Is Saving Money and Headaches

A monument is defined as a building, structure, or site that is of historical importance or interest – typically, it’s a structure that does not move and often takes up valuable space. That’s not a quality you want for a restroom in a manufacturing facility where every square inch matters and programs often change.

Monument restrooms, or brick and mortar restrooms, can cost anywhere from $750,000 to $1 million every time they are built. For industrial and manufacturing clients who often need to modify their facilities to accommodate future programs, the cost of demolishing and building a new restroom every time can quickly add up. Our client – a global automaker – sought to mitigate this cost by engaging our team to design a modular restroom that could be “moved” to different areas when the program of the space changes.

In this virtual LCI Congress breakout session – “From Monumental to Modular: How a Modular Restroom Is Saving Money and Headaches” – we’ll discuss how we applied lean thinking to design a modular restroom that will yield considerable cost and schedule savings downstream. For clients who often change their space programs every few years, the effort of tearing down a monument restroom and rebuilding it can take a lot of time, cost a great deal of money, and cause a lot of headaches. The modular restroom offers a number of lessons and demonstrates key lean processes in action that attendees can apply to similar projects that need flexibility for future program modifications.


  • Mike Swiatkowski – Senior Vice President, Ghafari
  • Jonathon Jackson – Project Architect, Ghafari
  • Katy Klaproth – Director of Marketing and Communications, Robins + Morton